STEP 1 - Sync your Fitbit data to Apple Health
STEP 2 - Sync new data using the Fitbit app
STEP 3 - View your data in Apple Health

Frequently Asked Questions


What does Sync my Fitbit do? Why do I need this App?
Does it sync Heart Rate?
Does it work with my Aria Scale?
Does it sync my historical data?
How often does it sync?


Why can't I log into my Fitbit account?
Why does it need authorization to read the data in Health App?
Why is my data not showing on the Health Dashboard?
Why does it only show one data point per day?
Why am I seeing duplicate data in the Apple Health App?
Does it sync my Fitbit device data directly with Apple Health app?
Why does it keep asking me to login to Fitbit?
Why is the latest data from my Fitbit not available yet?
Why is it syncing incorrect data from my Fitbit?
Why do some data points show the same value multiple days in a row?
Why do the calories not match?
Why does it only track one sleep session per day when I have more than one?
Why does the sleep analysis not match?
Why is the sleep analysis grouped inconsistently in Health?
Why does it not sync workouts?
I just upgraded my phone, where is all my historical data?


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