Sync your Fitbit data to Apple Health App

Download your entire Fitbit history from and store it on your iPhone & iPad Apple’s Health App.

Sync all your Fitbit Data

Fitbit made the decision not to integrate with Apple's Health platform, but there's good news for you: It's now possible to get your Fitbit data synced up with the Health App.

Your data belongs to you

Sync my Fitbit takes the information collected from Fitbit devices (including Aria scale) and automatically syncs it to Apple's Health app. It means steps, weight, sleep cycle details and other data can be pulled in from Fitbit.

Put you data to good use

Your data can now work alongside other third-party apps, like weight loss and nutrition programs, that are hooked up to the Health app.

The best of both worlds 
With Sync my Fitbit you can enjoy many third-party weight loss, nutrition and exercise apps using the data you accumulated for years on your Fitbit account. Improve your health with apps that use data to provide tailored programs based on your personal health history.

Don't waste your time with similar apps

Sync my Fitbit provides the most accurate way to sync your data. We don't create data points out of thin air, we sync exactly what's in your Fitbit account. Enjoy an intuitive experience and quick customer support.